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Security solutions for electronic documents

Important documents have always been the weak side of any company and yours is certainly no different. With that in mind, Encrypfile is part of a select group of worldwide software that stores, manages and controls access to your company documents allowing immediate notices to the administrator when a document is accessed.


Encrypted document storage


Don't send sensitive documents via e-mail. Share it!


Instant access log analysis

Our main focuses:

Don't send sensitive document via e-mail. Share it!

Using Encrypfile, in addition to all the security that our software offers, you will easily share your document with whom you want and still have full control of what the person you share the document can do, edit, print download, or even share it with a third person.
Encrypfile! You are in control of the documents you want to share.

instant access analysis

We analyze each access to bring complete security to your company's electronic documents. Only people with the correct permission will be able to access these documents.


Using digital encryption, we bring the greatest protection to your digital documents and your company, protecting contracts, terms and any other type of confidential file needed.

User management by decision level

Access to file management is based on the hierarchical level of each person with access to the account, making it safer and more organized which employees can edit a document.

dual encryption for software and documents

We bring double protection to your electronic documents and software. With two steps of encryption, your documents are at a new level of security, ensuring difficult access to possible intrusions and hack attempts.